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Learning at Home Livestream every Wednesday at 9am
Join me Wednesday morning at 9 am! Let’s talk and share.
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Learning at Home – Livestream: Raz-Kids & CommonLit
Next week (Wednesday, April 29), in addition to a general chat, I will be sharing some information about Raz-Kids, a fun platform for younger children to improve their reading skills. Also, I will redo some of my talk on CommonLit. I will walk you through the various steps and how to use these sites.
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Learning at Home – Livestream!
Join me Wednesday mornings at 9 am!Let’s talk and share. This is a short blog to let you know about the livestreams coming up on my YouTube channel.Everyone has been tossed into a whole new world lately, and we all have questions, concerns, difficulties, and so on.  In a way, this Covid-19 situation is one of the largest teachable “moments” ever!For this reason, I thought some live streams would be helpful.I will be presenting a few tips to help parents and students w...
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Learning from Home?
Learning at Home?Make a ScheduleI know a lot of parents are struggling to help their children with learning during this odd Covid-19 time.  Soon schools will be providing some lessons and guidance; however, it will be up to the students and parents to ensure that the lessons are done. Some students might receive little or no further formal education this year, so the students will need to pick up the ball themselves – with a little help, perhaps.  Look below for a free informal c...
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