Learning from Home?

Learning from Home?

Learning at Home?

Make a Schedule

I know a lot of parents are struggling to help their children with learning during this odd Covid-19 time.  Soon schools will be providing some lessons and guidance; however, it will be up to the students and parents to ensure that the lessons are done. Some students might receive little or no further formal education this year, so the students will need to pick up the ball themselves – with a little help, perhaps.  

Look below for a free informal chat meeting that might be helpful.

What is the best way to do this?

savethedateSchedule some time. Block specific times off that are dedicated to learning and only learning.  Although you should be strict about this, make it a positive experience because learning is a positive enterprise! The goal is to help students retain information and gain new information to help them next year.  Let them know that you are there to help them and that you are learning to cope with all the changes, too.

At this point in time, schools are slated to be back in May, but I do not think this will happen. When the Covid-19 spread begins to slow, the return to normal will not happen suddenly.  I expect that larger gatherings of people will remain banned.

So create a space and time to help your children learn.  By blocking off set times, they will get to know that these periods are not for Netflix, video games, or sleeping, etc. 

(By the way, just as with summer holidays, try to keep a reasonable schedule overall.  It will make life much easier when school really does start back.)

If the school is not providing much yet, look for some reading material.  Have your children write a little each day.  They could keep a journal, start a blog on an interest of theirs, or create their very own books.

Use math sites to help you and your children gain ground in the math department.  There are lots of free sites for reading and math.

elearningIn fact, many programs and platforms that are usually paid services are being offered for free during this period.

Please, check my previous Blog post for some excellent links.

Covid-19 and Learning

Stick to the plan!

This is so important.  Even adult learners do much better if they stick to the plan and have some discipline.  It helps to avoid procrastination and rushing as well.  If your children learn that they will be busy for thirty minutes or an hour – regardless of speed, they will be more likely to take the necessary time needed to do a project correctly.  (Of course, you might need to encourage them if they learn to waste time, too.)

Yes, I have been working with children for over 24 years. I know all the tricks.

Patience will also be a virtue, parents. Remember, we are all learners.  For some, this will be a steep learning curve. 

But let me tell you, the rewards are fantastic.  Children can surprise you when you least expect it and prove that they are quite capable learners.

Keep in mind at all times that learning, done right, is fun.  It brings all kinds of rewards for now and the future. Model this behavior yourself, and this example will go a long way to helping your children settle in.

Join me Tuesday morning at 9 am (EDT), April 7, for an informal chat about helping our children learn at this time. Link to Meeting

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