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I am an Honours Graduate (with distinction) of the University of Guelph with major areas of study being English & Psychology.

Other Credentials and Related Achievements:
  • Certificate - Teachers Teaching Online MOOC
  • Past treasurer of G.R.A.C.E. (Guelph Regional Association for Continuing Education)
  • Developed and delivered EFL (ESL) program for scientists and technicians at Agri-Food/ Agriculture Canada
  • Tutor since 1996 - individualized programs for students with a wide variety of needs
  • Experienced in working with A+ students as well as those who have been identified
         (ADHD, ADD, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Aspergers, Autism, Down's Syndrome, etc.)
Learning from Home?
Learning at Home?Make a ScheduleI know a lot of parents are struggling to help their children with learning during this odd Covid-19 time.  Soon schools will be providing some lessons and guidance; however, it will be up to the students and parents to ensure that the lessons are done. Some students might receive little or no further formal education this year, so the students will need to pick up the ball themselves – with a little help, perhaps.  Look below for a free informal c...
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Covid19 and Learning
Look below for resources for yourself or to keep your children learning over this challenging time.
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Stop Worrying – Start Learning
There are at least two sides to this idea: stop worrying; start learning.  The first is that worry, or more generally, stress, will hamper, or even halt your ability to learn anything.  It’s true! You know times in which you have been worried and you practically panic. Even the simplest tasks become difficult when we aren’t thinking straight.  The more we worry about, “Where did I put my keys!” the more we can’t think about where we might have put the keys.  It is counterproductive.
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Space to Learn!
If you have been following my blog and videos for some time, you will have learned about creating a good study space. In this blog, I am reiterating how important it is to take the time and the effort to make this space happen for yourself or your child.
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Keep Practising
Unfortunately these days practice seems to take a back seat, at least in reference to academics. Almost no student has issues practising basketball or Fortnite or hockey skills. They will practice the same drills or game play for hours and hours – day after day – and start over again the next week.   
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I Am Done!
Last week, one of my grade seven students made a statement that I have heard many times over the years (or a variation of such): “We don’t need to do fractions. We’re done with fractions now.”
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Exams Are Coming.  I am Going to Die!
(Check for discount coupon below!) No. You are not. Of course, the alien invasion could happen, and that might change my assessment; however, barring any such strange event, I believe you will live! The pain comes from fear. Often, the fear comes from poor preparation. This is why you should be preparing for your exams from the first day of class. If you are reading this blog now, high school exams are around the corner.
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Are You Sure Luke Can’t Read?
Your child comes home with her or his report card, and you are surprised to see a low score on the reading section.
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Goodbye 2019 Hello 2020!
It is that time of year again – Holiday Time! For me, the end of the year and beginning of a new year is time to reflect upon what has been and plan for what might be. I am not a great believer in New Year’s resolutions, per se. I think you need more of a plan and then you need to implement the plan to have success in the coming year.
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Tips for ADHD Students - Part Two
As mentioned in part one, if you are an adult student, you can advocate for yourself and make many of the following changes for yourself.
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