Learning at Home – Livestream!

Learning at Home – Livestream!

Join me Wednesday mornings at 9 am!

Let’s talk and share.


This is a short blog to let you know about the livestreams coming up on my YouTube channel.

Everyone has been tossed into a whole new world lately, and we all have questions, concerns, difficulties, and so on.  In a way, this Covid-19 situation is one of the largest teachable “moments” ever!

For this reason, I thought some live streams would be helpful.

I will be presenting a few tips to help parents and students who are teaching and learning at home. 

Also, the learning tips will be helpful for anyone taking the initiative to learn something new. If you have the time, why not? Getting involved in a learning course whether formally or informally can help reduce stress and engage your focus elsewhere.

We could all you that at the moment!

It will also be a space to discuss any issues you might be having.  If I don’t have the answer, it is possible someone else does. 

Next week (Wednesday, April 22), in addition to a general chat about how to set up a good learning space and time, I will be sharing some information about CommonLit, a great resource for reading, reading comprehension, writing, and more!

If you have any questions or topics you think might be interesting, send them along ahead of time or bring them with you. 

It should be fun.

Set your calendar and then click on the link to join in.

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