Learning at Home – Livestream: Raz-Kids & CommonLit

Learning at Home – Livestream: Raz-Kids & CommonLit

Join me Wednesday mornings at 9 am!

Let’s talk and share.


Next week (Wednesday, April 29), in addition to a general chat, I will be sharing some information about Raz-Kids, a fun platform for younger children to improve their reading skills.  Also, I will redo some of my talk on CommonLit.  I will walk you through the various steps and how to use these sites.

The YouTube livestream is also a space to discuss any issues you might be having. 

If I don’t have the answer, it is possible someone else does. 

If you have any questions or topics you think might be interesting, send them along ahead of time or bring them with you. 

Of course, you can watch the livestream later once it has been processed and posted on my YouTube channel.

It should be fun!

Set your calendar and then click on the link to join in.  

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