New Online Course
Improve Your Reading Speed and Comprehension. Welcoming in 2019, I finally completed my newest online course. It is all about improving one’s reading.
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Holiday Time!
Time to take a break from the usual routine. Some of you will be celebrating with presents, feasts, and all the trimmings. Others will be enjoying the peace and quiet that settles on a winter’s day when you don’t need to spring to action every moment.
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Stringy Sentences - Yikes
When you are writing anything, you will want to avoid having stringy sentences. I often call them “wobbly sentences” because they tend to fall apart. You want concise sentences most of the time. Of course, longer sentences are fine as long as they are properly constructed.
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I’m Taking Too Many Notes - Help!
Although many students do not take enough notes, some students find themselves taking too many notes. They get caught in the trap of thinking every detail, every comment by the teacher, every graphic in the textbook is note-worthy.
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Essay Writing – Most Important
Essay writing – most important! What is the most important component of essay writing? I am asked this question a lot. There are many possible answers because there are lots of factors that can add to the quality of an essay. Also, there are many different kinds of essays, so some of the factors will be different. Having said this, I think the most important factor or component of essay writing is CLARITY.
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Fun Summer Learning – Writing!
Fun Summer Learning – Writing Yes, writing can be fun! The key is to find a topic that you want to write about and then jump right in. Don’t hesitate, do not pass GO, do not second guess yourself. Make a list of your children’s interests: sports, video games, television shows, movies, superheroes, toys, etc. Encourage them to get excited about writing about their favourite topic(s). For example, if Johnny is obsessed with transformers, he could write a review about a certain trans...
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