Educational Quotations - Thoughts 6

Educational Quotations - Thoughts 6

Educational Quotations – Thoughts 5

“It's not that I'm so smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer.
- Albert Einstein

Often students think that other students, or even yours truly, have an easy time learning.  Education for Joe or Sally or Zane just comes naturally, and he or she doesn’t have to work at all!
I hear comments like these all the time.
“I’m no Einstein.”

The truth is that, more often than not, these so-called geniuses are working their butts off – or they have done so at least somewhere along the way.  Of course, students don’t want to be seen as “having” to work at it, so they hide their efforts and make it seem like they just “winged it” when, in fact, they studied every night. 

Trust me, I have met with and worked with some of these students.  On the other hand, they are often surprised when other students think that they have it easy.  They have been so focused on studying and doing their homework that they never noticed others admiring their relaxed and easy lifestyle!  Ha ha.

Speaking more personally, I had to work to get my grades and my knowledge – and I still do.

Not everything comes easily.  Not everything comes on a first, second, or even third try.  I’ve learned over the years that the road can have many bumps and turns and disappointments. 

Sometimes, you feel like you are never going to understand a concept or a process; however, if you keep at it, and you try various ways to get there, you will. 

basketThink about what you are most interested in.  It might be basketball or hockey or an RPG (role playing game) or some other sport or hobby. 

Now think about the amount of time you spend practising and playing this sport or hobby.

Be honest.  Don’t forget all the times you are just shooting hoops or replaying a scenario over and over and over and over to get it right.  All those minutes and hours count.  Now, imagine you spent the same amount of time and effort on an algebra problem that has confounded you. 


Learning takes time and practice.  Sometimes things come quickly and easily; sometimes things take a lot of time and effort.

Don’t give up.  Keep at it.  The genius in the corner has probably been doing a lot more work than you can see; and, even if he or she hasn’t, what has that got to do with you? Nothing.

Keep at it.  Push yourself to reach your highest goals.

Remember, Einstein stayed with problems longer than others. 

Maybe he did not see all of that effort as work. You don’t have to either!  Look at your efforts as goal seeking, positive, and a beautiful path to knowledge.

Changing your outlook can often help get you motivated and keep you on track.

Need a little help finding that path? 

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