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Help!  I’m Bored!
The following is a recent question from a student is one that comes up fairly frequently:How do I get comfortable with studying? I’m always bored. I might sound like a broken record, but one of the major factors to avoid boredom is to become engaged. If you continue to see your education or courses as separate from you – almost like the enemy that must be conquered – you will continue to have difficulties.This sense of separation can lead to boredom, frustration, or even hatred...
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Teach Myself? Teach Myself!
Yes, my study skills book is written and up on Amazon for you to check out.The idea for this book came from my experience tutoring students of almost all ages and skill levels since 1996.Long before I began tutoring students, I recognized the value of being an independent learner. This does not mean that you reject teachers, professors, tutors, and books! It simply means that you can become your own best teacher who knows how to use all of the resources to help yourself.The truth is that once a ...
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