Teach Myself? Teach Myself!

Teach Myself? Teach Myself!

Yes, my study skills book is written and up on Amazon for you to check out.

The idea for this book came from my experience tutoring students of almost all ages and skill levels since 1996.

Long before I began tutoring students, I recognized the value of being an independent learner. This does not mean that you reject teachers, professors, tutors, and books! It simply means that you can become your own best teacher who knows how to use all of the resources to help yourself.

The truth is that once a person has the confidence and a few tools to get started, he or she begins to take on the role of both student and teacher.

Hence the title: Teach Myself? Teach Myself!
While the idea of becoming one's own teacher is exciting, it can also be daunting and raise many questions. This guidebook provides not only the first steps but also specific strategies to help you become your own best teacher.

What you learn here can be used to help your children in their academic journey as well.

There are tips and strategies to help you become a lifelong learner, including some anecdotes revealing a few students’ struggles and triumphs.

Learn about using a reading method, taking quality notes, setting up a schedule, writing for both academic purposes and pleasure, listening with intent, asking questions, goal setting, humour, learning styles, exam strategies, taking care of yourself, and more.

Importantly, become inspired and motivated to improve your ability to learn, retain information, and use it to make your life better in a wide variety of ways.

The first chapters of the book are intended to get you started quickly with suggested steps for you to practise. Later chapters expand upon some of the first steps but venture into more aspects of the learning process, explaining how to overcome obstacles and stay on the right track.

do-you-fear-writingFind out how David dealt with comprehension issues.

Learn about Sophie's poor reading score that was not actually a reading grade at all!

You will discover how Trevor found success by creating a study space and the difference between Khari and Amelia's issues around asking questions.

Do you fear writing? Are essays a problem? Does math give you chills? Find some relief in these pages.

Also, why does Ron, yours truly, have holes in his arm?

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