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Is It Not Amazing?
I just finished teaching a series of essay writing lessons to an adult student from Japan, although she was in Australia at the time; and, of course, I am in Canada.
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Remembering the One-Room School
Not my school which was SS#12 Proton.  This is the closest resemblance I could find.  It is SS#10 in Ceylon - a nearby community at the time. Yes, I am THAT old! 
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Wake Up Sleepy Head!
Wake up and enjoy the summer. No really – wake up. Ha ha, I guess you are awake if you are reading this. (Nice pajamas by the way.)
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Easy Peasy Thesis Writing
If you have ever been asked to write an essay, you will have heard of a thesis, but you might still have questions or reservations about writing a strong thesis. What is a thesis in an essay?
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