Wake Up Sleepy Head!

Wake Up Sleepy Head!

Wake Up Sleepy Head!

Wake up and enjoy the summer.

No really – wake up.  Ha ha, I guess you are awake if you are reading this. (Nice pajamas by the way.)

Mornings are often the coolest time of day – both literally and figuratively.

You might not think of this as a study strategy, but it truly is.  Try to stay on schedule during the summer months and then going back to school won’t be such a shock to your system.

Parents, too, take heed.  If you don’t want a huge struggle come September trying to get the kiddies to wake up before noon.  Don’t have that happen during the summer!

Also, keeping your body and mind on a schedule helps keep you fit both physically and mentally. 

Note: The argument that if you stay up until 3 am but then sleep until noon, you are still getting the same number of hours does not work.  It isn’t only the number of hours, but the rhythm that is so important.  You are still better off to stay on track and rise and shine at the same time as school mornings.  Of course, there can be a day here and there when something special is happening that throws you off course, but then reign it back in.

cowWhen I was young, I lived on a dairy farm, so summer wake-up times were no different than fall, winter, or spring – 365 days a year.  There was always something that needed to be done.  Those cows would not ever learn to milk themselves!  (Oh, and beware, they will turn around and lick you.  Nothing like a rough morning kiss from a cow – yikes.)

Besides, there were always so many things to explore, forts to build, imaginary scenarios to play out, books to read, etc.

Try to get engaged with….something – anything!  Stay curious, playful, and mentally stimulated.  The brain needs exercise just as much as the body.

Of course, there are lots of fun ways to keep thinking as well as to stay active. 

Also, if you are running, playing, getting fresh air, reading, thinking, imagining, and so on, you will be tired enough to go to sleep at a decent time.  In this way, you will rise in the morning ready to have another astounding day of discovery. 

KidsBridgeOkay, maybe I’m sounding a little too optimistic, but the point is to try to keep active and keep on some schedule to make it easier for yourself – whether you are the student or a parent.  (This works for adults and work as well, by the way.)

Making life more positive, even when there are a few chores that aren’t exciting, still makes the pill go down a little smoother. Try to plan ahead so that you wake up eager to get started. 

What will I do today? 

Wake Up Sunshine!


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