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Just Help Me!
Just help me get through the course! I hear this more often than I would like. It isn’t that I don’t want to help – I do. However, just “getting through” a course isn’t the true goal of education.
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Don’t just think - Do!
Sometimes students (and others) get trapped in process. They spend a lot of time researching, talking, meeting in groups, researching some more, planning, coordinating, choosing a title (a possible title), discussing further, thinking about it, dreaming about how good it will be...
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Twenty-three Years and Counting!
I started the business in the fall of 1996 after discussing the idea with my wife, Gay Gennings. While she worked in Real Estate, she had a keen interest in education as well and saw the possibilities.
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Be a Little Crazy – Talk to Yourself!
One of the best ways to retain information, or for that matter to learn it in the first place, is to talk to yourself. Say it out loud.
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