Don’t just think - Do!

Don’t just think - Do!

Don’t just think - Do!

Sometimes students (and others) get trapped in process.  They spend a lot of time researching, talking, meeting in groups, researching some more, planning, coordinating, choosing a title (a possible title), discussing further, thinking about it, dreaming about how good it will be, …

Well, you get the idea.

Nothing is actually getting DONE!

All of the steps mentioned above are important, but they are only that – steps.  Of course, you should do some research. It is often important to work collaboratively or at least to run your ideas in front of others.  Thinking is an amazing step that cannot be ignored.  But these are simply the ingredients needed to get started on the ultimate achievement to come.

goal201910You must also focus on the goal, and that is a finished product of some kind.  It might be an essay, speech, presentation, etc., but the end goal is too actually accomplish something. 

Also, you should allow yourself time to proofread, edit, and improve your finished product.  So often, students spend so much time “thinking” about what they are going to do that they end up rushing, leaving themselves no time to find mistakes, make corrections, or discover areas that could be even better.

Set yourself a schedule for each stage of your assignment, and try to stick to it as closely as possible. 

Keep in mind that you can always make adjustments at the end when you have left yourself that necessary time to do so.  It is important to see progress and actual “form.”

walkingclockIn addition, once you actually begin to see rough drafts and medial drafts, you will be better able to envision the entire completed assignment.

You will begin to see it as a whole piece rather than random bits that keep eluding you.

So, think about it – yes, but not for too long.  Get doing!

Don’t Just Think – Do!


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