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A Few Tips for Learning with ADD/ADHD
These tips apply to those working with learners and the learners themselves. I am a strong advocate for all of us becoming our own best teachers. Hence my book Teach Myself? Teach Myself! Self-Taught Learners Do Best. Be Positive When working with a student, ignore negative or what seem like time- wasting behaviour as much as possible. By addressing every little quirk, the learner gets reinforced. Even negative reinforcement works to increase task-avoidance, so it is counterproductive. Oft...
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Become an Excellent Listener and Get Positive Results
Become an Excellent Listener and Get Positive Results! Pardon, what did you say? Listening is not simply hearing. I am sure that you have experienced times when you “heard” something, but you did not pay attention to it and have no idea what the person said to you.
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