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The Perfect Essay?
From time to time, a student e-mails me and asks how to write the perfect essay. Just as I said some time ago for the perfect sentence, there is no such thing.Still, the meaning is clear. Students want to write the best essay they can. It might be better to aim for outstanding. That’s what you want, an essay that rises above other students’ work. Let’s try to make your essay rise to the top of the class.Here are a few pointers to writing an outstanding essay. In general, they a...
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Is Math A Problem?
Do you have trouble with math?A lot of people do. For twenty-five years, I have had many students convince themselves that math is scary and to be avoided at almost all costs.This is not entirely their fault because many parents and even some teachers are traumatized by math – even the thought of math gives them the chills. In other cases, people have just given up on math altogether, pretending it doesn’t exist.Here is the good news. Math is not a monster, ghost, or boogeyman hiding...
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