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Ways to Vary Your Sentences!
If you have read my blog or watched my videos, you will have heard me talk about variety being the spice of life before. Variety can make the difference between a good article and an excellent article. Using variety in your sentences will increase the reader’s interest, aid in comprehension, improve the flow of your ideas, and so on. How do you vary your sentences?Sentences by Structure and PurposeTry to use different sentences by structure: simple, compound, compound-complex, and com...
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Tips & Strategies for Revising
Revising is more than checking to see if your work has any technical “mistakes.” Revising includes looking over the written work as a whole.Of course, you want to proofread and edit your work. Computers or online programs can offer a lot of help in this regard; however, these have their limitations, and the overall quality of your finished product requires a human mind.The subject and the purpose of your work will dictate the choices you’ll want to make during revision. For thi...
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