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Reading Fiction for Meaning
Obviously, we should read for fun! There is nothing wrong with reading purely for entertainment or escapism. Having said this, you can read non-fiction for entertainment or escapism as well, and one can read fiction for meaning. Sometimes you must read fiction for meaning. Above all, the more you gain from reading anything, the more pleasurable and rewarding it is.
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What Can You Do?
We often think about the things we cannot do or things that are difficult for us. Almost every day, I hear from students who tell me what they can’t do. While it is good to acknowledge areas of weakness, it is more beneficial to focus on what we can do! Dwelling on what we don’t know, or things we find difficult, does nothing to resolve the problem. Beginning from a position of strength and then working towards becoming better at weak areas, or the unknown for that matter, is a far bette...
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