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Metaphors and Similes
The metaphor and simile are types of figurative language. There are many types of figurative language such as alliteration, personification, hyperbole, onomatopoeia, etc. Using figurative language makes your writing more lively and descriptive. Although used more in creative writing or fiction works, they are also suitable for academic writing when used appropriately.What is the difference between a metaphor and a simile? Admittedly, they are easy to confuse because they both make comparisons be...
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Happy New Year’s Resolutions!
Happy New Year!I wish everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year – perhaps with a stress on “healthy” given what the world has been dealing with over the last couple of years.Resolutions or…Did you make a New Year’s resolution or two?Have you broken the resolution or resolutions already?Don’t fret if you have. It is common for New Year’s resolutions to evaporate into thin air the moment January’s fresh air and reality strike.Why is this?We...
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