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Notetaking and Abbreviations
I know you have not forgotten the importance of taking notes.Taking notes is essential to fully learning the material you are studying; however, many students have difficulty because notetaking can be time-consuming.Also, trying to take notes during a lecture is a challenge when a lot of material is being covered. In fact, taking notes from reading texts can pose the same problem. There just seems to be too much to do, and the task is overwhelming.Don’t forget to check out some of my other...
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Stress and Marks
This blog is based on a couple of questions I have received lately.How can I stop stressing about exam results day?Why are my marks never good enough for myself? I often get A’s and B’s but I’m never satisfied.There are many ways to address these two questions separately; however, these questions are closely related.  The first question isn’t about doing the exam, but the results which is the same thing as saying that they are stressing about the marks. First of...
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