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Happy Holidays!
Christmas is a wonderful time to enjoy family and friends.I want to wish all of you the very best for the holidays.  I know everyone has different traditions and beliefs, but it is always a positive thing to reconnect with those you love, whatever the occasion.The holidays are also a fantastic time for learning. You knew I was going there!Yes.  Learning can happen at any time, but it does not need to be academic learning per se. For example, you can teach your children how to be p...
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Make Your Writing Clearer!
Do you want to make your writing pack a punch? Well, that’s one way to do it right there, by using common expressions or idioms. Of course, as with all writing tips, you must aim to use methods and styles that suit the specific purpose of writing and your audience.I will go into more idioms in other blogs and videos.Here are two methods that are always useful in making your writing clearer.Use specific words over general wordsWhich of these sentences better describes the picture?The young ...
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