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Be a Mentor
If you want to learn more and solidify your knowledge, become a mentor.  Teaching others is one of the best ways to help ourselves on the learning journey.It is a Win – Win situation!You can help someone who needs it; while, at the same time, increasing and deepening your understanding of the material – whatever it is.  By taking the time to explain the procedures, concepts, themes, steps, and so on to someone else, you need to re-explain everything to yourself – ofte...
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Take a Wee Break, and Use a Comma
Do not underestimate the importance of accurate punctuation.  It can make a world of difference in your writing.The comma is one of the most important punctuation marks; however, it is commonly misused.In general, a comma represents a short pause.  If you read your work aloud, you can often determine where commas might be necessary. This, however, is not a foolproof method.  There are times when a semicolon or dash, or other punctuation might be better or required.Also, if English...
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