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Make Your Pronouns Agree!
When helping students with argument paragraphs, essays, or other writing, I often need to point out mistakes in pronoun agreement.When proofreading and editing your written work, check to make sure that your pronouns agree with their antecedents.The antecedent is simply the word or words (often a noun or noun phrase) that the pronoun is referring to (the word that comes before).In the following sentences, the pronouns “he” and “his” stand in for the noun “Tom.&rdquo...
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Get Interested
How can I be interested in class? Every teacher has heard this question over and over. Students often ask this question, and it came up again recently on Quora.At first glance, it might not seem like a serious question; however, people do struggle to get or maintain their interest levels sometimes. Here are a few tips to help.PrepareYes, it makes a difference!  If you are ready for the class, you are far more likely to be engaged when you get there.  You will have some i...
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