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Do You Want to Do Better This Year? Read This!
School has already started or is just around the corner for most students. Maybe not every student is jumping with joy, but here are some tips to help you make the best of your year or semester.
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Locating Your Main Idea
One of my online students asked me to write more about finding or locating one’s main idea when writing a paragraph.
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Educational Changes – Good or Bad?
Of course, I am speaking colloquially. There is no moral good or bad involved. If you have been alive long enough, you have heard of, or experienced, changes in education.
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How Can You Change What You Believe Is Not True?
This is not the clearest question in the world.  It could have a lot of meanings.  To answer this question specifically or accurately, I would need more information.   To answer generally, however, I will look at the question from a couple of angles as if I were talking to a student.
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