Hiring a Tutor is a Sign of Strength

Hiring a Tutor is a Sign of Strength

Some people feel that going to a tutor is admitting defeat or at least an admission that things are not going well. In a world where independence and self-sufficiency are celebrated, there is a misconception that seeking help is a sign of weakness. Nothing could be further from the truth when talking about education! Hiring a tutor is a bold declaration of strength and a commitment to personal growth.

Indeed, people often seek out a tutor when grades are slipping or there are other issues at school. That is unfortunate, however, because a good tutor, just like a coach, can help any student achieve more. Professional athletes have coaches throughout their careers even when they have attained incredible success.

This is not only true in athletics. Luciano Pavarotti, the famous opera singer, had a vocal coach into his 70’s despite his astounding success. Think of a tutor as a coach or guide that has your specific interests in mind.

Embracing Vulnerability

Acknowledging areas in which one needs assistance requires a level of self-awareness that many find challenging to achieve. Once you have this acknowledgment, however, many new and exciting avenues open up. Embracing a need for change and accepting available help is an intelligent move in the right direction. Seeking guidance demonstrates a dedication to academic or professional advancement. It is a choice to invest in yourself! Look to long-term success over short-term comfort.

Cultivating a Growth Mindset

The belief that abilities can be developed through dedication and effort is empowering. By engaging a tutor, you are embracing the journey of continuous improvement. Challenges become opportunities for growth rather than barriers. When you are struggling, not only can tutors help with content material or procedures, but they can motivate and build confidence. Do not underestimate the change that having a new mindset can make!

Picture2Tutors can determine the core of the problem. This might need to be addressed before the stated issue – or at least in concert with it.

For example, a student struggling when solving algebraic equations might not have a basic understanding of the order of operations. He or she could have weaknesses in basic operations themselves. Alternatively, perhaps, it is the fractions within the equations that trip them up. Knowing the root of the issue is essential. Once the initial deficiency is identified, it can be addressed. In my experience (28 years so far), confidence is as important as knowing the content material. If you believe you can, you are more inclined to fully commit to achieving said results.

Valuing Collaboration

Navigating the complexities of learning can be scary, especially if you have faced major challenges or setbacks. A tutor can help you to persevere and learn to face challenges in a whole new way. Learning is not a solitary pursuit. Even those who are “self-taught” learn from others. They have read, watched videos, listened to podcasts, practised questions, and then looked to find the answers, and so on. They used the available tools to “self-teach.” Mentors come in a variety of formats.

Picture3By the way, I don’t have any issue with the term “self-taught.” I’ve written a book that encourages people to teach themselves: Teach Myself? Teach Myself! Self-Taught Learners Do Best. It also addresses the fact that teaching yourself does not mean you do everything on your own.

Society often equates independence with strength; however, I would argue that collaborating with others, learning from them, and teaching them at the same time, all lead to a more complete independence!

Hiring a tutor is a sign of strength, recognizing the value of a learning society and using all the tools available. Don’t shy away from using one of the best learning tools there is!

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