Do You Want to Do Better This Year? Read This!

Do You Want to Do Better This Year? Read This!

School has already started or is just around the corner for most students.

Maybe not every student is jumping with joy, but here are some tips to help you make the best of your year or semester.

You Can Do It!

1. Commit to doing well.

Decide that you are going to take up the challenge and work toward improvement. Honestly, this is a major first step. You need the right mindset so that you spend the time necessary to take other necessary steps.

2. Create a homework schedule.

Be proactive with your learning. You have homework each school night. You will need to review your notes and organize them. You will need to practise a few questions for each course to ensure that you understand the content. You will need to preview (if possible) for the next day or next assignment. 

Oh – and the teacher might have given you “homework.” 

My point is that you have your own homework even if the teacher did not specifically assign something. In this way, you are taking control of your own learning and you will feel more motivated to get everything you can out of it.


3. Understand what you are supposed to do in your homework before you leave the classroom.

Not everything is online! Believe it or not. I have had many students say, “Don’t worry, my teacher posts everything on line, so we can check there.” Guess what, it is not there, and the assignment is due tomorrow. Maybe teacher forgot. Maybe teacher does not always post everything online. Maybe the platform is not working. There is nothing like old-fashioned paying attention and taking a scribble (though readable) note down in your student planner or calendar.

4. Whenever possible, prepare ahead.

Picture3If you have already read a little on the next topic, then you will not be going into the lecture “cold.” In other words, you will have at least bits of the terminology and concepts in your mind. When the teacher begins to speak, you will suddenly start making connections, and your comprehension will improve throughout the lecture. Of course, when you review your notes and the text(s), even more understanding will flow along with increased retention.

5. Take a close look at the way you take notes and ask yourself whether you could improve your methods.

The most successful students organize their notes immediately after taking them, rather than waiting a few days or a week. 

6. Don’t let yourself fall behind.

Nothing is more discouraging than the realization that you have missed an assignment deadline while other work is falling behind. 

Provide time in your schedule for assignments. Avoid asking for extensions. They will trap you in the end!

If you are still having problems, take another close look at your schedule and make adjustments.

7. Ensure that all work is proofread, edited, and neat.

Neat work won’t disguise a sloppily researched assignment or poorly written report, but it is far better than handing in something that the teacher cannot read or comprehend. 

Note: Even typed work can be “sloppy.” You still need organized thoughts, developed ideas, proper grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, paragraph structure, etc.

8. Take care of your body.

Picture4Remember that your brain IS part of your body. It needs sleep and food. 

Get a good night’s sleep with at least 8 yours. Despite what some people think, the body needs it. 

Make sure to eat breakfast. If you are depriving your body of nutrients, it will not perform to its best ability. Having several small meals / snacks a day is best.

9. Above all, enjoy the learning process and all the wonderful gains you can make.

Your education is definitely within your grasp. Keep thinking, “This is all for me!” It truly is. It is not for your parents, your boss, your teacher – it is all for you. 

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