New Online Course! Short Story Reading

New Online Course!  Short Story Reading

I am excited to announce that the Short Story Reading course is up and running on the Udemy platform.

This course is primarily designed for personal development; however, there are some academic components as well. We will be looking at the basic short story structure as well as elements and literary devices that authors use such as irony, personification, similes, hyperbole, foreshadowing, prediction, imagery, and lots more.

There are some quizzes and assignments for you to complete. While not burdensome, they do help in keeping you engaged and thinking about the stories, the techniques, and the concepts discussed. There is nothing wrong with reading simply for pleasure, but having a purpose for reading can draw more out of a story for you.

Since this is an asynchronous online course, you work at your own pace, and you decide how in-depth you want to delve into each story and assignment. You can do a little or a lot.

Picture2There are suggested answers provided for the short writing assignments, but you can also receive feedback from me. Think of them more as conversations about the stories.

Reading short stories is more than reading. It is about engaging with the material, the author, the structure, and literary devices that amplify our understanding and appreciation.

The course is intended to spark your enthusiasm in the process of reading. I believe that the more meaning we can extract from anything we read, the more enjoyable it becomes. Having said this, the course is not going to dissect every single line or suck the life out of the texts. It is all about having fun while learning a wee bit more.

Picture3Also, we discover a lot about ourselves through the thoughts and ideas of others. Networking knowledge, something I’m always yammering on about, is another great advantage of reading a wide variety of texts and digging into them a little more. The journeys that books and stories can take us on are impressive as well as informative.

I hope you will join me for a few fun reads and some exploration.

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