Happy New Year! ~ New Lessons for Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing

Happy New Year! ~ New Lessons for Listening, Reading, Speaking, and Writing

I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year. 

Let’s hope that 2021 brings a lot more favourable memories and experiences.

With that in mind, I am producing some new lessons for those who are interested in improving their listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills.

These lessons will help ESL, EFL, and other English learners who want to improve one or all of these skills.  The texts I will be using are suitable for young adult and adult learners who have an average understanding of the English language.

Here is how it will work.

Step One – Listening

pencilI will be reading a text or story and creating a video that you can watch at any time.  At the end of the reading, I will pose a question or prompt for you to think about during the next week.  This question or prompt will also be the basis of the writing step.

Step Two – Reading

You should re-read the text to yourself several times to practise reading, but also to ensure your comprehension.

Step Three – Writing

You write down your comments or notes.  Also, you write a response to the question or prompt provided during the listening step.

Step Four – Speaking (Discussion)

I will create a video discussing the text and the question or prompt in more detail.  You are welcome to join in on this discussion.  A link will be provided for those who want to join in the discussion. 

Alternatively, you can just watch the discussion later.


Additional Step – Feedback

If you would like feedback on your writing skills, I will be accepting a limited number of entries for me to assess.  There is a small fee for this step ($10.00 US per article).

It is up to you!

You can do any one of the steps or all of the steps.  You can attend one of the sessions or all of them.  You choose what you would like to do and when you would like to do it.  (The only restriction on when is the live recordings of the discussion step.)

Please, check the video for further information.

This Week’s Video:


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