September, Tutoring and Covid-19

September, Tutoring and Covid-19

It looks like school will be back on in September – for how long and in what format, we shall see.

I am welcoming in-person students in September as well; however, online lessons will still be available for those who want them. 

Days and times might need to change depending on school hours and the combination of in-person and online students.

Fall is always a bit of a juggling act, but this year has added challenges.  I am sure that between us we can work it out.

Ron from Tutoring Central in a MaskFor in-person students, masks will be required.  Please bring your mask.  I will have some disposable masks available if someone forgets.

Students will be distanced by using the large table, the office, and the smaller table if required.

Hand sanitizer, soap & water, disposable towels, and disposable wipes will be available. 

Students should use the washroom at home before coming to avoid the need to use the one here.  (It is available, but it would be easier.)

Students should bring their own pencils, pens, and erasers.

All common areas have been sanitized and will be sanitized frequently to ensure safety.

If anyone has cold or flu-like symptoms, their sessions will be transferred to online until they are well and able to attend school.

All things are subject to change, of course, depending on what happens when the schools open and students return. 

The extra help provided through tutoring is even more important now than ever!

Let’s keep the learning going.

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