Essay Writing Improve and Learn!

Essay Writing Improve and Learn!

I received another interesting question this week.  To be honest, at first I thought this question was not that interesting; however, on second thought, there was more to say.  Let’s have a look.

Why is it important to improve a weak essay?

Well, there is the obvious answer.  If you want to achieve a good grade, you need the best essay you can write.  It seemed, at first, that this question did not really require an answer beyond the obvious.

After a moment, I realized that there is a lot to say, and I have been saying it for years throughout my blogs, videos, online courses, and in-person teaching as well.

The so-called finished product is NOT the most important piece of learning.  It is only the proof.  True, an excellent essay will get you a much better grade than a poorly written essay, but is this really what you want?

Yes and NO!

You want the learning, the knowledge, and the ability to do something with it.  Doing well on a test or getting an excellent grade on an essay is the icing on the cake.  It also permits you to move on to the next level and achieve even more.  The test scores and essay grades are not the end of learning. They are simply a tool with which to measure how much you have learned and/or how well you can use this new information to explore further. They allow you to unlock another door filled with adventure, mystery, and new learning experiences.

Why is it important to improve a weak essay?

hmmmThe most important reason is to improve yourself.  By improving your essay, you are increasing your understanding of the material.  The better you can explain your material to others, the better you will understand it yourself.

In fact, often students discover new ideas and connections (remember that network of knowledge that I’m always talking about) while they are writing or rewriting their essays. 

The writing process is a valuable learning experience that cannot be replaced with anything else.  It is why I stress taking notes, writing out answers to questions, and completing practice writing assignments.  It is not the only tool in the toolbox, but using it will enhance all the other methods you use to learn!

Not only will you learn more in the first place but also you will retain much more of the information for the future, providing you with a broader and deeper reservoir of knowledge.

Keep learning, keep writing, and keep having fun!

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