I Am Done!

I Am Done!

I Am Done!

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Last week, one of my grade seven students made a statement that I have heard many times over the years (or a variation of such): “We don’t need to do fractions.  We’re done with fractions now.”

As always, I had to disappoint him with the fact that he was not done with fractions and would not be done with fractions until he was finished all his math courses at school. Also, depending on career paths, he might still require a knowledge of fractions later in life.  (Regardless of career path, it can be very useful.)

Strangely, or perhaps not so strangely, a grade ten student in the same week almost visibly paled when she saw a fraction in an algebraic equation that she had brought from school.  The look on her face was priceless.  At first, I did not know why she had stopped full halt.  Then, she pointed to the offensive culprit and announced, “It’s a fraction!”



Fractions will pop up in algebra, geometry, and even other courses like science.  Instead of panicking or avoiding, let’s just make friends with fractions.  They aren’t so bad in the long run.  Also, there are relations with decimals, ratios, and proportions, so would it not be a great idea to conquer fractions?

With just a few reminders, my high schooler was back on track.  Fortunately, we had worked on many fractions some time ago.  She just needed a refresher and a confidence boost. After a few moments, she was saying, “Wait, I’ve got this. I think I remember.”  Sure enough, with a couple of slight corrections, she did.

At the moment, the grade seven student is reluctantly learning more about fractions in all their glory.

The fraction statement and fraction fear mentioned in this blog are nothing new.  These incidents arise often – and not only with fractions.  This is why review is so important.

You should always review past units – even looking back to previous years can be helpful.

See how you handled questions before.  Look for old and new explanations and examples to find the ones that work for you. 

Today, you can find many videos and helpful explanations online for free.  Why not make use of these resources?

Above all, do not look at learning anything as “Being done.”

The process includes referring back, review, preview, practice, and repeat.

Everything you have learned so far is there to help you today and tomorrow. 

PieChartsStay open and keep practising.

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