How Can I Get Perfect Grades?

How Can I Get Perfect Grades?

How Can I Get Perfect Grades?

Many students ask this question. How can I get perfect grades all the time?

Forget about perfection.  There is no such thing.

Wow!  That was fast. 

Actually, I do have a bit more to say on the topic.  I realize that often people use the word “perfect” to mean something other than actual perfection; however, many students really do get upset if they don’t achieve what they feel is the perfect grade.

Think “improvement,” and you will be much better off.  You should always try to improve over your last attempt.

Do not expect perfection.

Do not compare yourself too much with others.

nobodyisperfectFocus on the material and the work (practice, reading, writing, taking notes, rehearsal, etc.) and the grades will follow.  Or, if you don’t get graded, the improvement will follow.

If at all possible, start acknowledging that education is for you, not for grades, not for teacher, not for parents – but for you.

In this way, it becomes far more personal and you will be motivated to get the most out of your learning.

Once the focus is on the material and your personal improvement and benefit, the grades will just tag along like good little boys and girls.

Actually, this idea of focusing on the material works in all kinds of situations.  For example, if you want to create a better product – whatever it is– focusing on the steps to get there makes a lot more sense than just hoping that the final product comes out as imagined.  Looking for shortcuts usually leads to a weaker finished product, so keep your attention on improving the process.

target092019Oh, one more thing.  Looking for “perfection” is often an easy-out.  “If I can’t do it perfectly, then I won’t even try.”  Avoid this at all costs.

Set reasonable, attainable goals that challenge yourself and use these as your targets. 

You won’t be perfect, but you can always make positive change!

Perfect Grades All the Time:


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