It is Time!

It is Time!

It is Time!

Yes, we have entered June, and we have even had a few warm days -along with many rainy ones.

Still, it is time to register for summer learning.

Taking a couple of hours per week to refresh the brain and engage it in new learning, too, can make all the difference when going back to school in September.

Avoiding the summer slide is not terribly difficult and does not take a lot of time.

My most common tutoring program would take only 16 hours of the available 1488 hours of July and August.


That is really not a lot especially considering the astonishing benefits.

Morning and evening hours are available, so there are lots of options to keep the camps, sports, picnics, etc. in play. 

Your vacation time will not be a problem because I work around it.

Oh, and one more thing – learning can be enjoyable.  It’s true.  Waking up those brain cells and making them dance will make you feel better. The human mind is naturally curious and needs to be nourished just like the rest of the body.

RonBlogUse it or lose it.

I would love to set up a program for you or your child, but even if you don’t come to my tutoring programs, spend time learning over the summer, please.  You will be so much better for it.

Read, write, and maybe even try some math games, crosswords, or riddles to keep the brain active.

It is so helpful and healthful.

Summer Learning – Let’s Get Started:

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