In Memory of Gay Gennings

In Memory of Gay Gennings

In Memory of Gay Gennings

– love of my life, my beautiful wife.

Normally, I don’t write a lot of very personal things on my blog; however, as I am L.T.L. Tutoring Central, I thought I would make an exception.

Last year was a very challenging one at our household.  Early in the year, my wife was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.  Unfortunately, there was little the doctors could do.

She stayed at home as per her wishes, and we did our very best to make her comfortable and able to enjoy the final months. 

Gay died at home in December 2018. 

This Sunday, June 2nd, we are having a Celebration of Life. 

Gay loved live, and she always wanted others to do the same.  She was all about getting the most you can out of a life well lived.

GayAndRonI met Gay in the fall of 1986 when I was working as head cook at The Biltmore Inn in Guelph.  She was so full of life and entering into a new career as a Real Estate agent.

Her love of life was infectious.  Her laugh would brighten up anyone’s day. 

We were inseparable from the day we met.  We finally married in August 1997.  We got married and had our honeymoon, on Manitoulin Island a place we visited for many years. 

I had started L.T.L. Tutoring in the fall of 1996, so Gay was with me from the very beginning.  She was supportive and enthusiastic about my teaching children and adults.  Her mother had been a teacher as were many of her aunts. 

We had a wonderful life together. We always found ways to make our differences a strength rather than a weakness.

I wish for anyone reading this to find a wife, husband, partner, or friend that he or she can love and be loved by as much as Gay and I found the same in each other for over 32 years.

This week’s video is the memory piece that I will be sharing on Sunday.

Preview of Celebration of Life Speech:

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