Educational Quotations - Thoughts 11

Educational Quotations - Thoughts 11

Educational Quotations – Thoughts 11

“Intellectual growth should commence at birth and cease only at death” – Albert Einstein


Don’t panic, though.  Intellectual growth does not mean you have to drill your baby on math facts or spelling words.  Babies are naturally inquisitive and learn thousands of things every day, practically on their own.

Don’t let the stereotypical idea of intelligence get in the way of your learning.

KidNegativeI am not one to believe you have to toss everything out, so I think academic learning, rote learning, memorization, and hard work are still excellent “pieces” of the learning process.

Having said this, however, they don’t encapsulate all of learning; and, if interpreted or incorporated incorrectly, they can hamper learning.  That’s why so many students hate school.

Once these negative feelings take hold, a lot of people avoid all kinds of positive learning experiences as well.  The mindset closes door after door after door for the rest of their lives!

A more positive and pro-active approach can make you and your children life-long learners who can tackle anything.  Hey!  Why not learn together.  There as so many advantages in that.

TheKeyI am always learning with and from my students.  The younger ones are often surprised by this, but it’s true.  You can learn from anyone at any time if you are open to it.

Find your “soul” for learning, your passion, your need to discover and improve yourself – even if only for yourself.

Need some help to keep those doors open or to reopen them?

I would love to hear from you.

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