Math Practice

Math Practice

Math Practice

Enough said.

Well, that would be a very short blog entry indeed, but I cannot over-emphasize the need to practise, practise, and practise for math.

Of course, it is better when you come to understand the concepts and how math is used; but, even then, you need lots of practice using the formulas and completing the operations to truly master math class.

If you are a student of math, each day you should set aside some time to practise current questions and to go back over past material.

Looking back and retrying questions is essential to reaching the top of your game. You can easily rewrite the questions or simply cover up the work and answers and try the question again on a separate sheet of paper.  Once you have reached the final answer, check to see if you are correct.

CheckMarkIf not, check the work and discover for yourself which step went awry.

Remember that YOU are the primary person in your education.  I am always talking about getting engaged and taking control.  This is important for math, too.  The more you take responsibility, the more you will remember and the more math you will conquer.

Don’t be afraid of math.

It can’t hurt you!  The one amazing thing about math is that, once you learn the methods, it will always reward you. 

KidUnderPillowsAlso, it is one class in which you can consistently score 100% - or at least high 90’s because, in most cases, you are correct – or you are not.  It is objective.

Math skills tend to be built one upon another.  This is an additional reason to go back over material and strengthen your math muscles – building a strong foundation for the newer math to rest upon.

So jump on the math bandwagon. 

  • Try your new questions by yourself first. 
  • If you need help, ask the teacher, a friend, a parent, or a tutor.  Watch a video online.  There are many helpful videos that will “walk” you through the steps.
  • Try the questions again by yourself! (Remember that you have to be able to do it alone at some point.)
  • Go back over past material.  Don’t just look at it.  Retry the questions from top to bottom to ensure that you can complete all steps without looking until the end.
  • Stay positive.  Tell yourself, “I can do this!”

Because – you can! 

Let me know if you have any questions. 

Also, if you would like a free in-person or online information meeting, send me a message, and I can arrange that for you.

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Video:  Math Practice

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