Educational Quotations - Thoughts 10

Educational Quotations - Thoughts 10

Educational Quotations – Thoughts 10

“I was reading the dictionary. I thought it was a poem about everything.” – Steven Wright

Very funny!

Mr. Wright is hilarious.  He takes the simplest things in life and turns them in odd directions to have a look. 

I do this all the time in my teaching.  Humour is an awesome tool for learning and remembering. Sometimes students don’t even realize that they are learning in the midst of a silly repartee.

HappyKidsNow, I don’t find a dictionary very poetic, but it does contain a lot of useful information.

I would not recommend reading the dictionary as if you were reading a novel or a poem; however, it still has its uses.

Whether you use the book version or an online dictionary, you can easily find definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and even examples on how to use a word.

The dictionary entries can sometimes lead you to other valuable words or information that will complement your writing.

Sometimes, we have dictionary races to see which student can find the given word fastest.  It’s a game, but it forces one to think quickly and recall the alphabet with speed.

Don’t give up on the dictionary.  Keep one handy.  You might be surprised how useful a tool it is.

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