Steps to Success - Step Two!

Steps to Success - Step Two!

Steps to Success – Step Two!

Read with Intent

Whenever you read, plan to read with intent.

What I mean is that you are prepared to not only decode the words but that you have decided to take an active approach to understanding what you read. You are aware of your purpose.

Try this:

purposeRead one or two paragraphs and then stop. (A novel might be one chapter.)

Ask yourself, “What did I just read?  Do I understand so far? Can I tell someone else about this in a way that he or she would understand?”

If you can answer these questions in the affirmative, you are on the right track!

Of course, for the first few paragraphs, you might not have a full understanding, but just check that you are paying attention and that you can answer those questions to a reasonable extend so far.

As you progress, you should be able to make more and more connections with earlier material.  You might even begin to make connections to a lecture, other reading material, a video, a movie, etc.

Networking your knowledge is an amazing tool to help with retaining information.

If you lose the thread, you will need to re-read. 

Take your time.

Do not just read to be done.  You will need time to absorb the material.  If you rush, you will have lost some of the content and context that you could have had. 

stepsI do realize that there are times in which you must move quickly, but try as often as possible to give yourself the time you really require.

Here is your next step in brief:

  • The next time your read something academic, read one or two paragraphs at a time.
  • Stop and ask yourself the questions noted above.
  • Continue to read with a mind to making connections.

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