Steps to Success - Step One!

Steps to Success - Step One!

Steps to Success – Step One! 

Students often feel overwhelmed when we discuss the myriad of study skills and strategies that they can incorporate into their repertoire.

“How can I do all that?”

If they don’t ask the question outright, they certainly “feel” overwhelmed and often give up addressing the issue at all, preferring to return to whatever basic methods they have relied on previously – hoping they will work better THIS time.

Here is the trick.

Try not to look at everything at once. You don’t have to do everything at once.

Just as with goal setting, you can have smaller, short-term goals and bigger, long-term goals that come later.

Begin by taking one step.

toolboxThat’s all!

One step in the right direction. Practise the new skill until you feel comfortable.  As with any new strategy, you will fell a bit wobbly at first; but, over time, the technique will become second nature.

Once you are comfortable, add another step – another skill or strategy, and practise this one.

As you construct your new toolbox of study skills, you will begin to benefit, and this will become an excellent motivator within itself.

Here is your first step:

Make a commitment to try.

laptopTableThat’s it!

Oh – but write that down somewhere, perhaps on a sticky note that you can place within view of your work space. You will need reminders from time to time.  We all do.

Create a mantra for yourself and keep repeating it this week. “I am going to make a positive change.” 

Trust me.  You will be surprised how even that step will begin to create a space for you to learn.

See you next week! 

For coaching and lessons, don’t forget to get in touch.  I am waiting to help you.

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