Educational Quotations - Thoughts 1

Educational Quotations - Thoughts 1

Educational Quotations - Thoughts 1

“Few things help an individual more than to place responsibility upon him and let him know that you trust him.”
- Booker T. Washington

What do you think about this quotation?  The following are a few of my thoughts.

To truly learn, the student must take on some responsibility, and the teacher must allow this to take place. 

Trusting the student does not mean you think he or she will make all the right decisions or come to the correct conclusions, but it means you allow the student to explore, discover, and make a few mistakes!

The excitement of learning includes peaks and valleys.  It is a process.  Part of this process is in learning that recovering from mistakes can open doors to knowledge and increase retention of learned material as well. 

I always tell my students, “Don’t just be a receptacle – get involved.”  Learning is not simply listening and regurgitating.  It takes effort and engagement.

Teachers, let your students take on more responsibility.

Students, take on the challenge and you will be rewarded!


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