New Online Course

New Online Course

Improve Your Reading Speed and Comprehension

Welcoming in 2019, I finally completed my newest online course. It is all about improving one’s reading.  Most people know how to “read” in the technical sense – decoding words. 

For many, however, reading remains a chore, and they find it a challenge to read the volume of material that they must (or would like) to complete.

Speed reading is popular with some, but there is no advantage to reading quickly if you have no understanding of the material later!

This is why I have combined both speed and comprehension.  There are times when you will need to slow down even if you have a fast reading speed.  Not all material should be read in the same way.  Also, there are many tips for increasing your comprehension whether you are a turtle reader or a cheetah reader.

(By the way, turtle reading is a fine starting point and sometimes you will need to return to it for the tougher texts so no offense intended by such expressions.)

ExclamationMarkA few tips to get started:

  • Understand your purpose for reading a specific text
  • Use a reading method – such as SQ3R
  • Preview – familiarize yourself with the material before reading fully
  • Read at your comfort level – only reaching for the next level at intervals
  • When silent reading, don’t subvocalize
  • Use aids to help track, particularly if you are tired or specifically working on increasing speed
  • Engage yourself
  • Respond to the material in some way
  • Enjoy the experience.  Reading should be fun.  Find your way into creating an enjoyable reading session.

Want to learn more?  Watch the short preview or use the provided coupon to get started. 

Coupon for course (regular price $29.99 US – coupon price $9.99 US):

Improve Your Reading Speed and Comprehension

Video – Promo for Reading Course:

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