Holiday Time!

Holiday Time!

Time to take a break from the usual routine.

Some of you will be celebrating with presents, feasts, and all the trimmings.  Others will be enjoying the peace and quiet that settles on a winter’s day when you don’t need to spring to action every moment.

I am taking this moment to wish all of you a very enjoyable time during the school break.  Have fun, play games, eat lots, and visit with friends and relatives.

When you need a break from all the exciting activities, might I suggest that you pick up a book?

You knew I had to go somewhere near education!

couchReading is such an overlooked activity these days.  I should say, reading something substantial is overlooked.  We all read texts, blogs, slogans, etc. but curling up with a fantastic long story is a distant memory, or non-existent memory, for many. 

Give it a try.

You can enter a whole new world!

Perhaps, you will receive the gift of a book.  If not, pick up a few novels while all the sales are on. 

Set aside some time and a cozy corner somewhere to engage yourself with the characters and story.  Let yourself be drawn into the scene and taken on a journey. 

Let me know how this works out for you.  What did you read?  Where did you go?  How was the change?


All best wishes for 2019 as well. 

Party safely, and I hope to see you, or hear from you, next year!




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