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Your Schedule is Not Your Enemy!
Sometimes students, or anyone really, think that their schedule is their enemy.  They feel like a schedule is a prison or authoritarian dictator.If this is the case for you, then you are doing it wrong!Your schedule is not your enemy.In fact, it can become your friend and a lifesaver in some cases.  Okay, it is rarely literally a lifesaver, but still.When you set up your schedule – and remember it is yours, so unless you are a dictator, it can’t be one - make sure you leave...
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Q of the SQ3R Reading Method
Last week a student asked me about the question part, or Q, of the SQ3R Reading Method (survey, question, read, recite, review) which explains the title of this blog post. There are other reading methods that have a similar breakdown of components with some kind of preview and questioning before you do the close reading and concluding activities. They all work equally well if used correctly and consistently.The primary purpose of questions is to prepare you to engage with the material.  In ...
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