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Learning Styles – Truth or Myth?
Are learning styles a real thing or are they a myth?That is a good question, and you can get different answers depending on who you ask and how the question is interpreted.You have probably heard of visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning styles.  Some lists include verbal, social, and solitary styles. Others include dozens of learning styles.You might even believe that you are a visual learner or a kinesthetic learner or an auditory learner and so on.  These labels and ideas have b...
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Should You Be Passive?
Should You Be Passive?I am not getting into a philosophical debate here.  I am talking about the passive voice when writing – particularly academic writing.Many style books and courses – including my own, recommend using the active voice.  Some go beyond recommendation, almost dictating the active voice, especially for academic writing.As with almost all English writing rules and conventions, there are lots of exceptions. The passive voice has its uses. You do not need...
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