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Summertime! Summer Learning!
Yes, summer has officially arrived. Every year I recommend that students do a little tutoring in the summer.  It is the perfect time to use strategies to retain lessons learned and to prepare for next year.Oh – and don’t worry, there are still hours and hours and hours and hours to swim, dance, play video games, jump, fall, eat, do nothing, and so on!Covid-19This year the recommendation is even more relevant.  Many students have lost some of the lessons they should hav...
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Essay Writing Improve and Learn!
I received another interesting question this week.  To be honest, at first I thought this question was not that interesting; however, on second thought, there was more to say.  Let’s have a look.Why is it important to improve a weak essay?Well, there is the obvious answer.  If you want to achieve a good grade, you need the best essay you can write.  It seemed, at first, that this question did not really require an answer beyond the obvious.After a moment, I realized tha...
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The Concluding Paragraph
One of my students recently asked about the concluding paragraph. He was stressing a bit about an essay he needed to write, and he was not sure how to go about addressing the concluding paragraph.
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