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I Am Done!
Last week, one of my grade seven students made a statement that I have heard many times over the years (or a variation of such): “We don’t need to do fractions. We’re done with fractions now.”
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Exams Are Coming.  I am Going to Die!
(Check for discount coupon below!) No. You are not. Of course, the alien invasion could happen, and that might change my assessment; however, barring any such strange event, I believe you will live! The pain comes from fear. Often, the fear comes from poor preparation. This is why you should be preparing for your exams from the first day of class. If you are reading this blog now, high school exams are around the corner.
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Are You Sure Luke Can’t Read?
Your child comes home with her or his report card, and you are surprised to see a low score on the reading section.
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